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iCell Release Notes - Build 3000
Posted by Michael McDougall on 27 January 2017 06:14 PM

Release Notes

iCell POS Software (version 2.0.1511.3000)

Release Date: 19/01/2017


Enhancements and new features:

  • Banking Reconciliation

-          Adds the ability for cashiers to enter their cash drawer counts to iCell

-          Level of detail on the report produced depends on security settings for that till

-          Number of attempts can be configured, to limit cashier retries

-          Variance tolerance value can be set

-          Produces a transaction file which can then be processed by iControl


  • New Room Charge vendor: roomMaster

-          iCell now has roomMaster certification

-          New button type: Roomcharge-Roommaster needs to be used on layouts


  • USB Transaction Backup

-          Creates a backup copy of transaction files to safeguard against data loss caused by hardware failure

-          iCell will auto detect the presence of a USB drive labelled “icBackup”

-          USB Backup status notification area added to top status bar


  • New Button Type: USB Status

-          Display a message to the cashier indicating the status of the USB Backup system and the last error, if any


  • Daily Report format (Z/X-Read)

-          Changes made to the daily report so that account payments now appear under the Account Totals section of the report. Account charges and payments now appear in this section, but separately.

-          Added a count next to the Account Charge and Room Charge values on the daily report to better facilitate cross checking with third party systems

-          Subtotal discounts are now totalled and displayed in the Reference Totals section of the daily report

-          Where a list of groups values is printed, a group called <NO GROUP> has been added to account for the items sold that did not have that group assigned, so that totals can balance properly


  • Backup Kitchen Order Printers

-          Added new backup printer functionality

-          Cashier can enable/disable the printing to backup printers at the till during service

-          Backup printer name is pre-configured in the till settings


  • Kitchen Order “Trigger” groups

-          A trigger group type and name can now be added to a kitchen order printer configuration.

-          Allows better control over what will print and when, on a particular printer


  • Order Reprint

-          Revamped Order Reprint feature

-          Cashier can either reprint the most recently completed transaction, the current transaction on screen, or select the transaction from a list.


  • Split Screen view on secondary display

-          Full screen on the secondary display can now be split into two separate sections – Left and Right.

-          Only available on widescreen (1366x768) display templates.


  • New Button Type: Add Selected Item

-          Added a new button type "Add Selected Item", which will add more of the item currently selected or highlighted on the receipt screen. Qty can be pre-entered, otherwise default will be 1x. (Note: This is as opposed to the current Quantity Inc, which literally only increases the quantity of the selected item sold.)

  • New Button Type: Trigger Item Add

-          Used to add a behaviour trigger item to a transaction, rather than needing to have actual items created in the product database


  • Receipt screen extend/retract

-          The original method of extending or retracting the receipt screen vertically, by double tapping on the totals area, has now been removed and replaced with a button placed to the right of the Page Down scroll button.


  • Table ID in transaction lists

-          Table ID is now displayed as a part of the name in transaction list, where one has been assigned to the transaction. Table ID continues to be able to be searched, as before.


  • Easy Reader Mode

-          New setting for Receipt objects in the layout editor “Easy Reader Mode”

-          If enabled, product lines will be displayed as BOLD font.


  • Table prompt for Voucher/Prize ticket printing

-          Cashiers are now no longer required to enter a table number if the only printing required from the transaction is a voucher or prize ticket


  • Persistence in Edit Box values

-          Values entered by a cashier in edit boxes are now preserved, regardless of layout updates or iCell restarts.

-          These values remain persistent until cleared by the cashier


  • Reverse Transaction during another sale

-          Now check for open or active transaction before allowing the Reverse Transaction function to be used


  • Cash Drawer open on net zero product value

-          New Cash Drawer setting "CashDrawer_OpenOnZeroNetProduct(No|Yes)" added.

-          Determines whether the cash drawer will be opened when the current transaction part contains zero net product.


  • Paidout and Cash Pickup

-          New Sundry items added to be used in the Cash Pickup and Paid transactions so that the transaction details on screen will be a little less ambiguous


  • Offline Member in Stock Transactions

-          No longer allow the Offline Member button to be used while a stock transaction is in progress.


Bug Fixes:

  • Daily Report format (Z/X-Read)

-          Fixed an issue with the daily totals report where account payments were not being treated correctly in relation to the “In Drawer” Total

-          Fixed an issue with the daily totals report where the Covers Total was not being printed.


  • Max Gaming transaction summary

-          Fixed an issue where the Transaction Summary data sent to the Max Gaming interface was sending the Member Id where it should have been using the Card Id.


  • Invalid Instructions errors

-          Fixed an issue where an invalid instruction file sent from iControl would cause items to not be able to be added to a transaction at the till


  • Open price non-GST items

-          Fixed an issue which caused open price non-GST items to be attributed GST under certain circumstances


  • Customer search form

-          Fixed a case sensitivity issue in the Customer search form

-          Customer names now no longer need to be the correct case to be searched


  • Transaction file saving

-          Fixed an issue where the local transaction was not being saved to disk when an account / member was added and the prices recalculated


  • Price adjustments for instructions on Open Price items

-          Fixed an issue where the prices of sub-items were not having absolute price adjustments applied where the primary item was an open price product


  • Comments on Paid Out transactions

-          Fixed an issue where cashiers were no longer able to add a text instruction or comment to a sundry item like those used in the PaidOut function



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Praise from customer for support manner - Alpen Liquor
Posted by Andrew Finch on 06 January 2017 01:39 PM

Good to hear team.


BTW I have had help in the past week or two from both Mark and Matthew. They were both very, helpful, patient and available. Very much appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


Kind regards

Megan Leggett

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